Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Second of Some Few...

I was in good spirits this evening.

OK, I wasn’t exactly in good spirits until I got into the spirits. But such is the way of the easily stressed and the addicted. That is my story and I’m sticking to it for now.

All was fine in my little world, until one person challenged me on my drinking habits.

Yes, I am an addict. Yes, I like to get drunk. Yes, I like to drink a lot. That is the way of things.

The person that called it mentioned parents that drank and smoked and managed to kick both habits.

This person is 16 years of age. This person hasn’t lived. Living with someone that has an addiction is not the same as living with an addiction.

Living with an addiction is much, much harder.

I enjoyed my ephedrine addiction. I will admit that much.

I enjoy my cigarettes and alcohol just as much. However much nicotine is an addiction, citing someone giving up tar bars as “Someone kicking an addiction” ain’t going to fly.

I smoke 15+ cigarettes a day. And that is an average day.

On an average day I smoke 15 cigarettes. I drink at least seven cups of coffee. I might even consume a few alcoholic bevvies.

Kicking cigs is nothing in comparison to kicking any other habit. Even kicking alcohol is nothing in comparison to a once a day ephedrine habit.

The point I’m making is thus… Don’t get preachy at me because both your parents beat a cig habit. Don’t get preachy at me, about my liver no less, because one of your parents beat a booze habit.

My own grandfather was a smoker and liked a bit of the old tipple.

When you have beat your own addictions, then come and speak to me. Don’t talk to me as a bystander. Don’t talk to me as an innocent victim. In that case my lovely wife would be an innocent victim of my various addictions.

Would those addictions be that I like to consume alcoholic beverages, or that addiction be that I like to photograph things…

Be careful what you call an addiction.

Next thing I know I’d be in rehab for taking pictures of things.

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