Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Employable

You see, it started like this, or maybe it didn’t really start it just was.  Every time I get into my car to drive somewhere, I have to dodge all the beggars at the traffic lights. I can’t even go to the shops at times without some person down on their luck trying to guilt me out of a few bucks. Fair enough, it’s only a few bucks, but it’s my few bucks.

I saw the funniest thing one day. Stopped at a traffic light. Car next to me was driven by a black man. Car behind me was driven by a black man. Car behind the car next to me was driven by a white person. The black beggar went and begged from all the white motorists and didn’t bother the balck motorists. Strange?

I regularly receive e-mails asking me to help out some or other charity. I also once made the mistake of signing a petition for whatever cause it was at the time, and now I get e-mails telling me how bloody dangerous it is to give birth in Rwanda, or some other kak spot. Newsflash... it’s just as dangerous giving birth at Joburg Gen.

Then you get the lovely people from the townships. Dancing about because they’re unhappy with their RDP houses. For fuck’s sake! You are getting a house for free, and you want to bitch about it. My tax money hard at work.

I am probably sounding evil and selfish. Well, I’m selfish at the very least. I believe that I work hard for what I have. Just today I saw it. Traffic light, guy with sign “Please Help. Wife + 3 Kids”. Here’s a thought, get a job. And don’t say there isn’t work available, there’s always something.

However, people don’t want to work. If, and I say “IF”, a person really wants to work then they will find something to do. People don’t want to do anything that they think is beneath them. I don’t want to mow lawns, pack shelves, wait tables.

 There was a point to this. Somewhere. Oh yes! Guilt. At least once a month someone, somewhere will try and lay a guilt trip on me regarding the plight of some nameless, faceless people who are living in conditions worse than my own.

I don’t like this guilt trip. Especially when I feel it’s undeserved. Because it gets laid at my door that I have “so much” and they have “so little”. I have earned what I have. I have worked bloody hard, and bloody long to get where I’m at today. No reason why someone else can’t do the same.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


...of entries.

I've noticed over the years how long it takes me to write anything for my blog. My very first blog I had, I could hammer out something in a couple of minutes. Then, five years ago I started taking longer. Sometimes taking up to a week to put something together of only a few hundred words.

The only thing I can say is that it's a bloody good thing I don't write magazine or newspaper columns for a living. I would have starved by now.

I have to wonder if it's some sort of recessive perfectionist gene that comes to the fore when I want to write something, or perhaps lack of creative spark. I will never know. I could just do what some other bloggers do, and do like this:

"Dear Diary,
 Today I went to the mall.... blah blah blah"

Some days I can just rant. Like, for instance my complaint about our highways being tolled. I can rant about other things too. I'm no good at writing book reviews, or how-to columns like my good friend Bazzabent. I'm good at bitching. Sadly, I've learnt to bitch in 160 characters or less. Thank you very much Facebook.

However, I am working on a few ideas. Got stuff brewing, and on the back burner while I take care of how I earn my crust. Leave a comment if you wish. Or don't.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tolled Roads

We were informed some months ago that the Johannesburg Roads Agency wants to toll our highways. Our highways are major routes to and from work for the majority of us.

However, the plan is to use open road tolling. A brilliant idea some might say. Where you get an RF tag attached to your car, or license plate, and when you drive past the tolling gantry on the highway, you get charged.

Now, this morning I had a thought. All of us that live here and want to make use of the highway will have to get these tags, do the paperwork, and all the other nonsense associated with it. What about visitors? When people from other towns and provinces drive around up here, sans tolling tags. How the fuck are they going to get charged for using the highway? 

In essence, with our rates and taxes, we have already paid for this bloody road. Now some schmuck from down the coast comes to wreak havoc on our roads without having the pleasure of paying for it. What a bloody cheek.